Keto-Friendly Peach Mango Yogurt (with Everly!)

If you’ve been eating keto, paleo, or even just eating clean for any amount of time, you’ve probably learned to avoid flavored, fruity yogurts. Those fruity flavors come with a lot of added sugar, not to mention preservatives and other unnecessary junk. But what if you could add natural fruity flavors to your high-protein Greek yogurt without adding sugar? Yes, friends. It’s possible!

Meet Everly. Everly is an all-natural drink mix that uses real ingredients like red radishes and stevia leaf extract to add flavor and color to their drink mixes. Their flavors are insanely delicious, contain 0g sugar, and can do way more than just get you to drink more water: The powder can be added to literally anything to give it a pop of fun, fruity flavor! The possibilities are endless: You can use Everly to create keto-friendly popsicles, collagen gummies, fat bombs, chia puddings, and more!

Today, we’re making keto-friendly peach mango Greek yogurt. Adding cold water to Greek yogurt gives it a smoother consistency that makes it perfect for mixing with Everly. This recipe is quick and easy - you can make it in minutes for breakfast, or pack it ahead for a protein-packed afternoon snack.

If you’ve been missing flavored yogurts since you started eating keto, you might shed a tear or two when you try this recipe. It’s peachy and mango-y and creamy and everything you’d want in a flavored yogurt - with none of the sugar or artificial stuff!

For a jolt of energy, try the Everly Peach Mango Energy mix, which uses organic green coffee bean extract to give you the kick you need to crush your day.


8 oz. full-fat Greek yogurt ½ tsp. or more Peach Mango Everly Cold water


  1. In a small bowl, mix yogurt with a small amount of cold water and stir until smooth (like the consistency of regular yogurt).
  2. Add Everly and stir until dissolved. Enjoy!

NUTRITION (Using Fage Total Plain)

Protein: 18g

Fat: 10g

Carbohydrates: 8g (from yogurt)

Calcium: 20% DV

Written by Everly for Everly.

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