1 Thing Beverage Companies Do to Trick You

The key: sneaky serving sizes.


Often, beverage companies will cut the serving size of a single serve product - whether it is a drink mix in a packet, a scoop of powder, or a bottled/canned beverage - in half or smaller. This means that the serving size on nutrition facts will read as 8 oz when the bottle has 16-20 oz or it will read as 1/2 packet.



This trick allows them to show you less calories on the front of their packaging, as well as on the nutrition facts themselves. Get in the habit of double checking the serving size on the back of nutrition facts, then doubling the calorie count in your head if necessary!



It also means that the grams of sugar presented on the front of packaging and on nutrition panels are also less than reality. Stay on the lookout for this next time you are shopping! At Everly, we stay straight with you in our Nutrition Facts - one serving = 16 oz, a normal serving size. No need to double check and do math to figure out sugar grams and calorie counts!

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