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Are you having trouble deciding which Everly flavor to try first? 

Check out our flavor profiles to see which one matches your vibes. 


Peach Mango

Nectary and tropical. 

If Peach Mango was a vacation it would be a private beach getaway complete with plenty of cocktails with those cute little umbrellas. 

Available in HydrationEnergy and Belly Health

Pomegranate Berry

Sweet and tart. 

If Pomegranate Berry was a place it would be a mediterranean vineyard where it's always the perfect temperature. 

Available in Hydration, Energy and Belly Health


Fruit Tea

Fruity, but balanced.

If Fruit Tea was a house it would be tucked in the countryside with an inviting porch swing and a big peach tree in the backyard.

Available in Energy



Bright and sweet.

If Grape was a feeling it would be nostalgia—like walking out of class on the last day of school before summer break.

Available in Hydration, Energy and Belly Health


Fruit Punch

Tangy and bold. 

If Fruit Punch had a perfect day it would be sitting poolside on a sunny day with no place to be and a never ending bowl of fresh fruit.

Available in Hydration, Energy and Belly Health


Want to try them all? We’ve got you covered—Check out our 5 flavor Variety Packs available in Hydration and Energy.

Visit our Find your flavor board on Pinterest for more flavor vibes.

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