Keeping the Balance with Mindy Kim

My name is Mindy Kim and I currently reside in Texas!!! I have held a variety of positions in the special education field. Recently I have been working as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and serve families all across Texas. I am happiest wherever there is so food, fun, and of course dogs! I am a homebody with extroverted tendencies.

Describe your dream vacation. 

My dream vacation is somewhere in Vermont during the fall, sipping lattes in a local coffee shop enjoying the season! I am a huge fan of fall so it is on my bucket list to visit many “fall-ish” states at that time of year and just soak it all in. Since Texas has two season, HOT and sometimes cold.

What TV show or movie could you watch on repeat, why?

I watch the Real Housewives on repeat… best mindless show ever.

Would you rather have something sweet or salty?

I love salty foods, give me some French fries and I am a happy girl!

What is your favorite workout/exercise routine?

Favorite workout routine is a mix between yoga sculpt, strength training, with some Pilates thrown in.

Do you have a specific health goal for 2021? 

My goal is to keep the balance between exercise and life! Enjoying all the moments in between, while also nourishing my body.

Do you follow any certain type of diet? If so, what drew you to that diet?

I eat whole foods, am mostly dairy free and gluten free. I try to limit chemicals and additives in my food. I love cooking my own meals and creating healthier protein donut recipes on the regular. I believe finding what works for your body is key. Everyone’s body is unique

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Mindy's mocktail

Do you have trouble drinking plain water?

I drink water out of necessity because I know my body needs it.

Besides Everly, do you have any tips to share on how you stay hydrated?

I love adding fresh sliced limes, lemons, or frozen berries. It adds some flavor while keeping it simple enough to incorporate into a daily routine. Slice it up and pop it in water and you are good to go.

What is your favorite flavor of Everly?

All-time favorite flavor is the Pomegranate Berry. I love berries so it is a nature choice for me.

Have you tried or made one of your own Everly recipes?

I love mixing ice, seltzer water, mixed with Everly and some fresh fruit!! Super refreshing.

Where can people find you online?

You can find me in Instagram @mindykimdaily or on Pinterest: Mindy Kim/@MindyKimDaily!!!

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