Keto-Friendly Electrolyte Drink Mixes

While the keto diet has shown plenty of benefits, such as fat loss and increased energy, following this diet can be extremely difficult, especially at first. Most people know to stay away from pasta, breads, crackers, and even most fruits, but avoiding sugary drinks can seem impossible at first. It is important to do your research whenever starting a new diet to see what fits in your daily macros, but we’ve taken the liberty to offer help on the drink side. The key to any diet or lifestyle change is to make it feel like you’re not missing anything. That’s why it’s important to find alternatives or specifically keto-made foods and drinks to replace sugary and carb-filled options, such as keto-friendly electrolyte drinks, energy drinks, and even alcohols.

Hydrating/Sports Drinks

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Without proper hydration, you will feel tired, weak, and sick. However, those who follow a keto diet know that many popular sports drinks and juices are filled with added sugars. Drinking water is your safest bet when trying to find a drink that fits into your lifestyle. To keep water from getting boring, we recommend zero-sugar water flavor mixes. At Everly, we offer a keto-friendly electrolyte drink mix that helps replenish what you sweat out to help you recover and stay hydrated. The mix is available in various flavors, including fruit punch, pomegranate berry, grape, and more, so you won’t get sick of the taste.

Energy Drinks/Sodas

Whether you are looking for a soft drink or energy drink to pick you up in the afternoon, or you just enjoy the taste of pop, these are often banned from keto diets. They contain large amounts of sugars and harmful toxins. For a pick me up, we recommend a variety of caffeine-filled teas and coffee to get you through the day. We also offer an energizing drink mix that is designed to keep your energy levels high with the same delicious taste of other soft drinks, all without the sugar.

If you are having trouble finding keto-friendly electrolyte drinks, soda alternatives, or want a fun way to enjoy water, give Everly a try!

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