Why Pouches?

You might have noticed that Everly's packaging is different than other drink mixes.  We intentionally designed the pouch to solve some of the problems that we found with other types of packaging. 

Here are 10 ways that Everly pouches are a better fit for your lifestyle:

1. Flavor Customization

"I REALLY like the “bulk” packaging over the single serving packets. I can control how much I use without having open packets laying around." - Laura

While our suggested serving size tastes amazing, some customers like more or less flavor than what we recommend.  Our multi-serve, resealable pouches allow you to customize the flavor to your liking.

2. Less Mess

Drink mix powder belongs in your water, not on your counter!  The narrow pour spout on our pouches allows for easy pouring into containers of all sizes.  

3. Longer Lasting

Our pouches come with 20-30 servings, so they last you a long time without running out :)

4. Easy to Take With You

We designed the pouches to be small, flexible and light -- perfect for dropping into a bag and taking with you on the go.

5. Reduction of Packaging Waste

A single pouch replaces 20-30 stick packs plus an outer box.  We also ship every order in a recycled paper mailer, so you can reduce your carbon footprint while you hydrate.

6. Easy to Make Large Pitchers

Everly is great for making large pitchers of flavored water that you can stick in the fridge and enjoy for days.  Pouches make the process even easier because they come with enough powder to fill pitchers of any size.

7. Lower Prices

Pouches reduce the cost of making Everly and we pass those savings on to our customers.  Other natural drink mixes cost $1 or more per serving, while Everly cost only $0.33 - $0.65 per serving.  That difference adds up to huge savings for you and your family!

8. Lower Shipping Cost

Our packaging costs significantly less to ship than stick packs or tubs.  In fact, the shipping cost is so low that we cover the cost and offer free shipping on all orders within the US (and just $5 to ship internationally).

9. Takes Up Less Space

Our pouches are small and stand up on their own, which saves you valuable space in the cupboard.

10. Great for Cooking


Everly is more than a drink mix!  Check out some of our delicious recipes that use Everly as the sweetener instead of sugar.

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