10 Low Carb, Keto-Friendly Desserts

The best way to stick with a low-carb diet is to not feel like you’re missing out. Enjoy any of these low-carb, keto-approved desserts without feeling guilty—because we believe you really can have your cake and eat it too!

1. Keto Ice Cream Bars

Keto Ice Cream Bars. Maria Emmerich


We're the first to admit that store-bought ice cream bars are delicious, but unfortunately, they aren't healthy enough to eat all the time.  And then we found out how easy it is to make sugar-free, dairy-free ice cream bars that taste almost identical to the real thing! After trying this keto-approved dessert, you won’t be tempted to buy ice cream bars from the store again. Check it out here.


2. Sugar-Free Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Sugar Free Chocolate Avocado Mousse in glass serving cups. Chef Laura Lea


This recipe is the perfect way to use up almost-too-ripe avocados because you really want them nice and soft for blending. I get a lot of questions about whether or not you taste the avocado, and the answer is no! Packed with healthy mono-unsaturated fats and antioxidants, you will not believe that you can enjoy something so decadent AND reap major benefits.”  

- Chef Laura Lea, LLBalanced


3. Keto-Friendly Collagen Gummies

Keto-friendly Collagen Gummies. Maja Majewski


Beauty bloggers and gut health experts all agree on one thing: We all need more collagen! Collagen plays a critical role in making sure our bones, joints, hair, and connective tissues stay strong and healthy. This recipe combines the healing power of collagen with the hydrating, fruity goodness of Everly. All you have to do is eat a handful of these gummies every day for a healthier, more balanced body. We don’t think you’ll mind that at all.



4. Keto Key Lime Bars

Keto Key Lime Bars. Maria Emmerich


“Are you looking for a refreshing keto dessert to bring to your next [party]?  One thing that I always do is bring a keto dessert my family loves when we are invited to a [party].  Being able to enjoy a dessert helped me stay on the keto diet for 20 years. I do not feel deprived when I get to enjoy delicious food like these Keto Key Lime Bars!”

- Maria Emmerich, KETOadapted


5. Easy, Sugar-Free Popsicles 

    Easy Keto Popsicles. Maria Emmerich


    If you're looking for a simple and tasty treat, these sugar-free, two-ingredient popsicles are for you!  They are easy and delicious. (Sharing is completely optional!)


    6. Whipped Banana “Ice Cream”

    Whipped Banana “Ice Cream”. Rock_lobster, allrecipes


    There is something magical about taking ordinary bananas and turning them into an amazing dessert. This recipe is super easy — all you have to do is freeze a couple of sliced bananas and then blend them until smooth. This treat is delicious on its own, or for a richer taste, add dark chocolate or peanut butter.

    7. Zero Carb Shaved Ice

    Zero Carb Shaved Ice. Maria Emmerich


    This is one of those “I can’t believe there’s no sugar” recipes and is a great way to cool down when the weather warms up.  You’ll need a snow cone machine, your favorite flavor of Everly, and a little bit of water, and voila!


    8. Almond Milk Eggnog

    Almond Milk Eggnog. Amanda Hughes


    Perfect for the holidays or for snuggling up by the fire, “this eggnog will be on your forever list of go-to drinks. It’s rich and creamy and tastes like custard. I often make this at night so that it’s ready for breakfast the next morning.”

    - Amanda Hughes, Wicked Stuffed


    9. Sugar-Free Sorbet

    Sugar-free Sorbet. Maria Emmerich


    Who says that going keto means you have to give up ice cream? This flavorful sorbet is sugar-free, dairy-free, egg-free, has 0 calories, 0g fat, and 0g carbs. That means you can literally eat it every single day!


    10. Chia Pudding

    Chia Pudding. Maja Majewski


    With less than five ingredients, you can whip up a quick, uber-healthy breakfast or dessert that the whole family can customize to their liking with this chia bowl. That’s a win-win!

    Looking for more low-carb, keto-friendly ideas?
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