Berry Red Keto Sangria

I’ve been known to have some dry red wine now again (and by now and again I mean, I got married in Napa and have visited over a dozen wine trails across the U.S., so you know, casual enthusiast, whatever). So in the summer, I love to make Sangria for parties, because it’s a bit too hot to crack open a bottle of room temp red, and sometimes even too hot for a cold white.

I thought it would be fun to come up with a keto sangria mix that tastes like the real deal, but Sangria is loaded with sugar.  I usually just skip the sugar and the traditional brandy, but it’s not quite the same. My solution? The Pomegranate Berry keto drink mix by Everly,  for a sugar-free option that also adds the perfect flavor for a red sangria. Here’s how I made it.

Whisk the Pomegranate Berry keto drink mix into about a cup of red wine until totally dissolved, then add it, along with all the other ingredients to a large pitcher, and serve.

If you’re letting the Sangria marinate, don’t add the seltzer right away. Simply add all the ingredients except the seltzer and let sit overnight in the refrigerator. When ready to serve, add the seltzer and some fresh ice, then enjoy!

This makes about fifteen 5oz glasses of Sangria (and a lot more if you add ice.) Each 5oz glass (no ice) is about 4g carbohydrates per glass, which as we know is good for a party, not every day.

Keep in mind that your body will burn alcohol before fats, so when I do drink, I know it’ll be a “stall” day, but if you’re doing keto as a lifestyle and not a quick fix diet, a stall day ain’t gonna kill you. Just be careful not to drink the whole pitcher then house a bag of popcorn after! Ha! (That may be a reference to a slightly exaggerated personal experience). Enjoy!


 Written by Amanda C. Hughes for



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