Keto-friendly Ward 8 Cocktail

Today’s recipe is brought to you by Matt and Megha from KetoConnect.

The Ward 8 is an all-but-forgotten cocktail that is believed to have originated back in the late 1800s. It’s said to have first been made in the Locke-Ober restaurant in Boston, and although it’s very similar to a whiskey sour, it’s far less popular.

Ward 8s are delicious and intriguing, but they’re not usually keto-friendly. Thankfully, we’ve found a way to make a low-carb Ward 8 that can help you get your cocktail fix without falling out of ketosis. Let’s get started!

Is Alcohol Keto-Friendly?

Many people on a keto diet wonder if alcohols like vodka, bourbon, whiskey, and gin — the ones commonly used in cocktails — are okay on a keto diet.

Straight alcohol doesn’t contain any carbs, but the alcohol is processed by your liver and used for energy. When you’re in a state of ketosis, your body is using fat as its sole fuel source. Drinking alcohol leaves acetates in your bloodstream that are then consumed and used for energy instead of fat.

However, since there are no carbohydrates in alcohol, your body will quickly change back to fat stores as its primary energy source once the acetates are no longer available.

Why Isn’t a Ward 8 Traditionally Keto?

So, if alcohol is more or less keto-friendly, what makes a Ward 8 off-limits? In addition to alcohol, a Ward 8 also contains grenadine, which is very high in simple sugar. Eating or drinking simple sugar, regardless of its source, can quickly take you out of ketosis. Everly drink mixes make for the perfect substitute for grenadine in this recipe.

The Ward 8 also traditionally uses orange juice. While orange juice is quite high in carbs, we will only be using a small amount. For less carbs in your Ward 8 you can use half the amount of orange juice or you can use a few drops of orange extract in its place.

How Do You Make a Ward 8 Recipe Keto-Friendly?

The key to a keto-friendly Ward 8 is making a substitute for the grenadine. This is where the Everly Pomegranate Berry Hydration drink mix comes in handy. Just mix ⅛ tsp of the drink mix in with the rest of the cocktail ingredients and you’ll end up with all the flavors of a classic Ward 8, without any of the carbs.

Ingredients in a Keto Ward 8

Once you have your Everly Pomegranate Berry drink mix ready to go, just collect all of the ingredients you would traditionally find in a Ward 8 and get to work. 

Learn more about alcohol on a keto diet and try a keto Margarita if you enjoyed this recipe!


1/2 oz Juice from a Lemon 

1/8 tsp Everly Pomegranate Berry Hydration 

3/4 oz Juice from an Orange 

2 oz Bourbon, we used Four Roses

Ready to Make One?

When you have your ingredients assembled, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice
  2. Shake for 20-30 seconds
  3. Strain and pour into serving glass
  4. Sit back and enjoy guilt-free!

Recipe + photos by Matt and Megha from KetoConnect



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