Keto Rum Punch

In my past life on the sugar, my go-to was always some kind of rum punch. Whenever you visit Florida, I feel like you need to have a rum punch in hand to really kick-off a vacation. Since a traditional rum punch is nowhere near acceptable for keto life, I wanted to come up with my own.

In comes Everly’s Peach Mango drink mix. and Fruit Punch.

To get the authentic mouthfeel of something like a rum punch, I like to blend this with some strawberries before I shake it, for texture, so it’s a little more involved which is why I made this as a bigger batch—for sharing with a friend!

To make this rum punch, add the following to a blender:

Then pour into a cocktail shaker and serve over ice (and don’t forget the tiny umbrella!)

If you want to half the liquid and use coconut water, it will be 8 net carbs for a 9oz glass. That seemed like a bit much for authenticity, so you can cut that number down to 2.5 carbs if you use 16oz of cold water instead. The sugar-free coconut syrup gives the coconut flavor.


Written by Amanda C. Hughes for



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