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Keto Tropical Rum Spritzer

It’s finally summer, after the longest wait in New England history (at least my history). All I want is all the summery things I can get my hands on. This recipe uses Everly’s Peach Mango drink mix for the base flavor, which is exactly right to get you in the mood for a tropical vacation in your backyard!

To make this cocktail, simply mix 1 1/2 tsp Everly’s Peach Mango drink mix with 1 tbsp hot water to create a syrup.


Add it to a small pitcher with 1/2 cup white rum, 1/2 cup dark rum, and 1 cup cold unsweetened coconut water. Mix, then add ice.

Top with 17 oz orange-flavored sparking water, pour into glasses and enjoy!

Recipe by Amanda Hughes at WickedStuffed.com.


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