Olive Oil Coffee (Oleato Copycat)

Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or just looking to add a unique twist to your morning routine, Olive Oil Coffee made with Everly Instant Coffee is the perfect way to elevate your daily cup of joe.

Adding a bit of olive oil to your coffee not only creates a slightly nutty flavor to complement our single origin Instant Coffee grown in Vietnam but it also has health benefits! Olive Oil's healthy fats and antioxidants can aid in heart, digestive, skin and brain health plus it has been shown to slow the absorption of caffeine for longer lasting energy without the crash. 

Inspired by Starbucks' popular Oleato coffee, this version is easy to make at home and a budget-friendly alternative that doesn't require a long wait in the Starbucks' drive-through. 

Recipe and photo by Megan Ratigan



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