Sugar-Free Keto Gummies by Maria Emmerich

Have you been craving something sweet to fit into your Keto diet? Make Maria Emmerich’s Sugar-free Keto Gummies with Everly Drink Mixes! These sweet treats are incredibly versatile and simple to make in any of your favorite Everly flavors.

Recipe and photo by Maria Emmerich


Learn to make Sugar-free Keto Gummies with Maria!

Maria Emmerich Video


    • Sour Gummy Worms- add 1 TBSP of citric acid to the gelatin mixture and dust with citric acid and stevia once set. 
    • CBD Gummies- add 1 dropper full of your favorite CBD oil to the gelatin mixture.
    • Energy Bites- use Everly Energy Drink Mix in your gelatin mixture for added caffeine and B vitamins.
    • Probiotic Collagen Gummies- add 1 TBSP of your favorite collagen mix + Everly Belly Health to the gelatin mixture. 





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