Tofu Salad


Asian food has many admirers and it is the first choice for a large population, particularly when eating out. With a diverse set of flavors and aromatics, Asian cuisine has found a distinct place in the world cuisine. Tofu salad is one such Asian preparation that is extremely easy to assemble and has several flavorful ingredients that you won’t be able to resist making it, day after day.  

This preparation has a fabulous assembly of crunchy and flavorful ingredients that are also loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. You just need to gather some really simple and typical Asian ingredients to enjoy it. It is best to marinate this salad for at least 15 minutes before serving to help incorporate aromatic flavors of the dressing into the veggies and enhance its taste.

The only thing that will take the majority of your time while preparing this salad, besides marinating the ingredients in salad dressing, is cutting and chopping of the vegetables. If you’re looking to master your culinary skills you may also visit to find a great chopping tool within your budget to suit your needs and make your kitchen life so much easy.

Recipe + photo: Ligia Lugo





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