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Everly Electrolyte Snow Cones

Summer is here which means it's time for keto-friendly frozen treats! Our friend Mayerlin Bouthiller created this Electrolyte Keto snow cone recipe made with Everly Drink mixes. These snow cones are sugar-free, simple to make and taste great with all of your favorite keto dessert toppings.

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Fruity Keto Arnold Palmer

Try this sweet and fruity mocktail recipe made with Everly Fruit Tea Hydration mix! It's brought to you by one of our favorite Keto bloggers, Amanda C Hughes of WickedStuffed.com- just in time to welcome the warm weather! This Fruity Arnold Palmer is simple to make and totally Keto friendly.

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Everly Ketorade

If you have recently switched to the Ketogenic diet you might be experiencing some of the symptoms of the ‘Keto Flu’. Headaches, muscle cramps, soreness, dizziness- NO FUN. Don’t give up! Help your body transition to a low carb diet by staying hydrated and replenishing essential electrolytes with Everly Ketorade. Add Apple Cider Vinegar to help improve blood sugar balance, aid digestion and curb carb cravings!

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Sugar-Free Keto Gummies

Have you been craving something sweet to fit into your Keto diet? Make Maria Emmerich’s Sugar-free Keto Gummies with Everly Drink Mixes! These sweet treats are incredibly versatile and simple to make in any of your favorite Everly flavors.

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