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How to Save Your CPG Business in 4 Steps

While Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine make many ventures seem like an overnight success, I’ve learned that entrepreneurship is rarely so. I’m sharing Everly’s story from the beginning, which is full of tough decisions (can we make payroll? should we shut down the company?), hard lessons to swallow, and the ups and downs along the way.

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ColaLife: Success Stories

Here are the stories from just some of the mothers, fathers, care-givers and children who have benefitted from ColaLife’s Kit Yamoyo – “Kit of Life”.   Brenda Mudenda is 25 and lives in Ndindi Village of Kalomo district. She has four children and the last one, Nchimunya, is seven months old. In May, 2013, the child had diarrhoea for three days. Her worried mother and father started giving the child traditional medicine, hoping that the child would be healed. Instead they found that Nchimunya got no better – in fact, her situation worsened. Brenda and her husband then decided to take the child to their nearest health centre. There, they could not get any help as there were no health personnel at the...

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